EU – Japan Municipal Dialogue on Urban Policy

Both Japanese and European cities have in recent years been addressing demographic shifts and incorporating strategies for sustainable urban development. In Japan, local governments have worked to account for the changing needs of an aging population and promote sustainable urban policy by developing compact and low-carbon cities. Similarly, many cities in the European Union have been proactively combating the “shrinking city” phenomenon and enacting environmentally sensitive urban development standards.

The EU-Japan Municipal Dialogue on Urban Policy, which is being implemented under the European Commission’s World Cities initiative, has been organized in the interest of productively addressing demographic shifts and promoting sustainable urban development in both regions. The EU-Japan Dialogue brings together four Japanese and four European cities to discuss and collaborate on actions connected to the two central themes of compact city development and low-carbon development. This project provides a unique opportunity for participating cities to share experience and expertise in areas of mutual interest.

The EU-Japan Dialogue consists of three working meetings – two in Japan and one in Europe. Japanese and European project cities will cooperate based on similarities between their thematic areas, experiences, and goals; communication with all cities in the exchange provides additional opportunities for collaboration and potential for new ideas.

  • City selection

    In this first stage the four European and four Japanese were selected through an invitation of application.  The cities working in the thematic areas of the exchange and with a strong interest demonstrated through on-going projects in the thematic areas were given priority

  • First working meeting in Japan

    At the first working meeting, or the kick-off meeting, city delegates met their counterparts personally in Tokyo, Japan as well as the other participating cities, from 31 August – 4 September 2015. European cities then traveled to their Japanese partner city to visit and discuss sustainable initiatives and deepen the exchange.

    To download the First Working Meeting Agenda from the EU-Japan exchange, please click the link here (353 KB).

  • Second working meeting in Leipzig

    The second working meeting for the EU-Japan World Cities project was held in the partner city Leipzig, Germany between 23 – 27 November 2015. Project cities initially met in Leipzig and then traveled to their respective partner city for field visits. Cities were able to deepen the exchange and formulate concrete action items.

    To download the Agenda from the Second Working Meeting of the EU-Japan exchange, please click on the link here (191 KB).

  • Third working meeting in Japan

    The third and final working meeting for the EU-Japan exchange took place from 18 – 19 April 2016, in Tokyo, Japan. The cities were able to share outcomes and action items, discuss challenges, and strategize on how to sustain the exchanges following the project. To view the complete program, click the link here (211 KB).