Cooperation Themes

The overarching themes of the EU-Canada Cooperation were determined before the start of city selection. Participating cities will focus on topics that fall inside of one of the following themes:

  1.  Resilience and adaptation

While the definition of urban resilience is expanding to include factors related to economic stability, the theme of resilience and adaptation in the context of this project refers to the structuring of urban areas to decrease vulnerability to conditions brought around by climate change. Resilience and adaptation topics can include conducting municipal vulnerability and risk assessments and exploring methods to absorb the shock of natural disasters.

  1. Ecosystem services

Ecosystem services encompasses topics related to urban areas‘ attempts to incorporate natural ecosystems into their structure in recognition of the benefits such an action would carry for both parties. Topics under the theme of ecosystem services includes making biodiversity assessments, identifying and developing green infrastructure opportunities, and strengthening the connections between ecosystems and resilience planning.

  1. Low-carbon development

Low-carbon development refers to strategies that direct the economic or structural growth of an urban area in ways that support the reduction of carbon emissions. Topics in low-carbon development topics include initiating political targets such as achieving 100% renewable energy by a specific year, sustainable public procurement, and engaging stakeholders in low-carbon development strategies.