World Cities is currently implemented by two operational teams, one for China and India (implemented by GIZ IS) and one for Canada and Japan (implemented by ICLEI):

Team 1: China – India

Coordination: Mr Pablo Gándara

Mr Gándara is responsible for the overall project coordination including contents and logistics. He has managed several EU projects dealing with regional and urban development in Asia, Europe and North Africa. Contact:

Backstopping: Ms Stefanie Klein

Stefanie Klein is Regional Manager at GIZ IS. Stefanie is in charge of ensuring the high quality of services, the institutional support of GIZ and the necessary backstopping during implementation. She has a strong experience in European projects in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Contact:


  • Mr Shi Xin, Senior Expert China. Shi Xin (PhD) is based in Beijing and has a long experience in planning and implementing international events. Mr Shi has supported the team since 2011. He is the team’s contact point in China. Contact:
  • Mr Oscar Prat van Thielcoovels, Expert China. Juan t is based in Shanghai and has worked before in Germany, Belgium and Italy. He supports implementation of activities in China and Europe and has specialised in start-ups promotion. Contact:


  • Mr Shishir Joshi, Mumbai First. Shishir is the CEO of Mumbay First (, an initiative aiming at enhancing the quality of the citizens of Mumbai and improving the economic and social fabric of the city. Mumbai First has been commissioned by GIZ IS to support the project implementation in India. Since 2013, Mumbai First has implemented a series of urban development conferences and seminars on behalf of the European Union’s Delegation to India.
  • Mr Panagiotis Karamanos (PhD), Expert in Urban Development Policies in India. Panagiotis has vast experience on environmental management & policy, urban environmental issues, capacity building & training, aviation & environment, climate change and waste management.


  • Mr Juan Prat i Coll, Expert in EU Policies. Juan is a former General Director of the EU Commission and a former Spanish Ambassador to Italy, the Netherlands, NATO and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Juan is in charge of ensuring World Cities policy coherence with other European and international initiatives.
  • Mr Jean-Marie Rousseau, Expert in Regional and Urban Development Policies in non-EU Countries. Jean Marie has worked over the last fourteen years in regional development policy, specialising in R&D valorisation, territorial intelligence as well as social and human capital issues within the knowledge economy.


Team 2: Japan – Canada

Mr Santhosh Kodukula, Project Manager, ICLEI World Secretariat

Mr Kodukula is responsible for the overall coordination and execution of the EU-Japan Dialogue and the EU-Canada Cooperation.

Ms Kristen Körsgen, Junior Officer, ICLEI World Secretariat

Ms Körsgen assists in the coordination and execution of the EU-Japan Dialogue and the EU-Canada Cooperation and oversees the technical details related to the logistics of the meetings and field visits.


  • Ms Megan Meaney, Canada Office Director.  As the Director of the ICLEI Canada Office, Megan is responsible for all national operational and program activities within Canada.  She will assist in managing the EU-Canada Urban Policy Cooperation, act as a principal contact for the Canadian government and cities, and function as an expert in regional and urban sustainable development in Canada.
  • Ms Ewa Jackson, Canada Office Manager.  Ewa is responsible for managing projects for the ICLEI Canada office.  She will assist in managing the EU-Canada Urban Policy Cooperation as the Canada office project manager and as an expert in municipal climate adaptation, low carbon development and biodiversity management
  • Ms Leya Barry, Adaptation and Resilience Planner, Canada Office.  Leya is responsible for coordinating ICLEI Canada’s projects in the field of climate and resilience.  She will assist the EU-Canada Urban Policy Cooperation project by providing subject matter insights climate adaptation and resilience as well as administrative and facilitation support.
  • Mr Michael Dean, Climate and Energy Planner, Canada Office.  Michael is responsible for coordinated ICLEI Canada’s projects in the field of climate mitigation and community energy planning.  He will assist the EU-Canada Urban Policy Cooperation project by providing subject matter insights on low carbon development as well as administrative and facilitation support.


  • Ms Michie Kishigami, Japan Office Director. As the director of the ICLEI Japan Office, Michie is an acting expert in Japanese regional and urban sustainable development. She is responsible for program and project development in Japan, contact with Japanese government and cities, and facilitates international exchange of experiences and best practices among cities.
  • Ms Masumi Kikkawa, Program Assistant. Masumi assists in program coordination, contact with project cities in Japan to prepare logistics of the technical visits and meetings, and translation of materials for the EU-Japan Urban Policy Dialogue.